Tenancy Application

You are applying for a property through:

Harcourts Hamilton


Tenancy Application
You are applying for a property through:

Harcourts Hamilton

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Address of the property you are applying for Section

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Your Personal Details Section

ID Section

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Supporting Documents Section

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Adults over 18 years old Section

NOTE: The other applicants in your group will be sent a link to this application form.

Children, Elderly, and Dependants Section

How many children, elderly, and dependants will be living at the tenancy?

Work Section

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Personal References Section

3 personal references. Family, friends, previous employer, work colleague etc.

Address Section

Please note that applicants that add previous landlord information may have a higher chance of success.


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Requirements Section

Vehicle Section

Pets, Smokers Section

Notes Section

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History Section

Emergency Contact/Duly Authorised Agent

Someone that will not be living at the premises

Utilities/Moving Section

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Terms and Conditions Section

You agree and acknowledge:

Applicants Consents - I agree to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information for the following purposes, and warrant that I have supplied all information on this form freely, including my drivers licence details and passport details. I agree that any information found through any of the stated databases that relates to me can also be used for the purposes outlined in this application. I acknowledge if I enter a tenancy agreement as a result of this application being successful, then the information provided in this application will form part of the tenancy agreement.

Recipient of information - The information is provided by you to the Owner/Landlord/Agent/Property Manager.

Purpose - The purpose for the collection of my information is: To perform background checks, reference checks and credit checks through the Centrix and Equifax credit bureau's to assess if I am the best applicant on merit. To add my information to any background, reference and credit checking database. To allow the Landlord to add a review to a tenancy review database that can be then viewed by other companies and/or Landlords. To check the Ministry of Justice fines, Tenancy Tribunal, District Court, High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Department of Parole, and New Zealand Police databases. For debt collection purposes. To check the Personal Properties Securities Register. To verify my passport, citizenship, birth certificate details via the Department of Internal Affairs. To check if my vehicle is stolen. To check and update a credit bureau. To check whether I am politically significant. To update the Tenantcheck system. If you indicate that you would like MovingHub™ or other move in services to contact you, your contact and credit information will be passed onto them for the purpose of offering and facilitating a moving service. The property manager may receive a commission from Movinghub if you choose to use this service.

Information Provided - The information provided on this form and any information found through the background check, reference check and credit checking process may be passed onto an agent and entered into third party databases. Subscribers to the databases will have access to my information and use that information for the purpose of credit reporting or for any other lawful purpose including debt collection. I agree that I have been advised that I have the right to see the information that you hold about me, and to have any information held corrected if it is in error. I confirm the information in this form is true and correct and that I have read and signed the Cautions under the Privacy Act 1993.

Declaration and Execution

1. Movinghub is powered by Moving Hub New Zealand Limited.

2. We will use the information contained in this application for the purpose of providing the Movinghub service, including by providing the information to partners or service providers for this purpose.

3. We will contact you by phone, email or SMS in order to provide the Movinghub service, either at the start of the tenancy, during the tenancy or when a tenancy is renewed, extended or varied.

4. Neither we, nor our partners, agents or property managers accept liability for any loss caused in delay, or failure to connect and/or disconnect, or to provide any of the Movinghub service. Nor do we, our partners, agents or property managers accept any liability on behalf of the suppliers or service providers.

5. The service will be activated according to the applicable regulations, service provider timeframes and terms and conditions where you have agreed to use the chosen service provider.

6. The terms and conditions of your chosen service provider(s) bind you and that after hours’ connections may incur additional service fees from the service providers.

7. We may receive a fee from the suppliers and service providers, part of which may be paid to a partner, agent or property manager.

8. While the Movinghub service is free, we provide an application lodgement service. The Applicant(s) is/are solely responsible for all fees, charges and tariff payments in respect to connections, account establishments, bonds and usage to all services providers. You pay NO extra charges as a result of using the Movinghub service.

9. Authorise Movinghub to obtain the ICP Number for the premises you are moving to.

10. Connection of your utilities will only be initiated once a representative has discussed your connections and obtained your consent to proceed.

11. Contact you with future promotions and offers.

12. You are authorised to make this application for Movinghub services and provide the invitation, consents, acknowledgments, authorisations and undertakings set out in these terms and conditions on behalf of all of the applicants listed herein.

Application Submitted

Thank you for your application. We will get back to you once your application has been reviewed.

The way property managers advertise and show properties has changed due to COVID-19

Tenants may now be required to pre-apply for a property before any viewing can be confirmed. This is to ensure safe COVID-19 practices are met.

Standard tenant checking practices apply, in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and your consent was provided at the application stage.

It does mean some tenants may not be successful in their application to arrange a property viewing, however, this is a temporary process, which is likely to remain until Alert Level 1, in accordance with appropriate COVID-19 level safety measures.

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